If an employee makes a mistake the boss must pay up. Unless he has taken out professional liability insurance.

Professional liability insurance protects your company or you personally against damage to your assets caused by actions taken by your staff. First-class lawyers defend your interests against claims for compensation.

In professional civil liability insurance, claims caused by an error or omissions in the normal course of business activity are not insured. That is why you need professional liability insurance. This is a classic insurance against damage to your assets with legal protection cover to defend against unfounded claims.

We work only with successful attorneys and law offices which provide an uncompromising defence of your interests. If a mistake is proven, Lloyd’s of London insurers provide compensation for the other party up to the agreed insured sum.

Professional liability insurance is important, e.g. for investment consultants, asset managers, trustee firms, insurance brokers, architects, engineers, production and trading companies as well as art restorers.