Soccer Player

What do ice hockey players, doctors and pianists have in common? A profession which they may have to abandon if they become disabled.

For professional sportspersons, musicians or doctors, perfect physical condition is often essential. But what if something goes wrong? We insure temporary or permanent incapacitation from work caused by an accident or illness.

If a footballer’s knee is irreparably damaged by an injury, he can no longer pursue his career and is completely disabled. Normal accident insurance does not fully acknowledge this disability. And even if this situation does not prove permanent: temporary incapacitation can already result in a serious loss of income. Sponsor’s money is not paid, the market value of the player drops, success bonuses are lost and so on.

Athletes are not alone in depending on perfect physical condition for their chosen career: if a surgeon or a pianist loses his thumb, he too can no longer pursue his profession. That is why it is good to have insurance.

Thanks to individually calculated conditions, we are able to respond to the needs and risks of various occupations. In particular we insure:

• Professional athletes including footballers, ice hockey players, cyclists, tennis players, golfers etc.
• Professional musicians, such as pianists, violinists, cellists, singers (voice insurance) etc.
• Physicians (surgeons).

The activity which has to be given up because of an accident or illness is insured. We can also provide insurance for whole teams or for individuals with an annual income of at least CHF 150,000.