Dramatic Swing

Hole-in-one? As a sponsor, you must be prepared for the improbable to happen.

Have you announced a special prize? Are you sponsoring a hole-in-one prize? Lloyd’s insurancegives you assured protection in cases where a win would place a heavy burden on your budget.

As the organiser of an equestrian competition, you announce a special prize to make the event still more attractive if a rider completes one or more clear rounds. Unlikely to happen – but not impossible. So you want to protect yourself – after all you never know.

Or you sponsor a hole-in-one prize for a golf tournament. Although it is unlikely that anyone will win, you do not wish to rely on your good luck and prefer to safeguard the potential prize.

A cash-back campaign by a computer maker, advertising campaign arranged by a cigarette manufacturer with special prizes or some other action offering high prize money: with our prize money or hole-in-one insurance via Lloyd’s, you are perfectly safe. The insurance premium is known in advance and you can calculate your risk and your own commitments precisely.