Art? Jewellery? Inherited objects? We insure the valuable property of royal families and private collectors. We will be happy to insure yours too.

The Lloyd’s Syndicates have been one of the world’s leading art insurers for several decades. As a policy holder you benefit from extensive know-how and long experience.

As an authorised Lloyd’s of London coverholder, we have extensive authority to sign for the Lloyd’s Syndicates. Its customers include some of the world’s foremost museums, to say nothing of royal families and well-known private collectors.

The general terms and conditions are clear and easy to understand. Their experts have many years’ experience in dealing with claims. They are well known for their speed and fairness and handle claims all over the world.

Confidential and discreet

Our service is absolutely discreet. We treat your information in strict confidence and only disclose it to the insurer. 

Insurance cover includes:

• Physical loss or damage to art objects, including theft, earthquake, fire and storm damage.
• Reduction in the value of an art object caused by insured partial damage.

Insurance cover excludes:

• Damage or loss caused by war, confiscation or nuclear hazards.
• Loss from unsupervised vehicles.
• Damage caused by wear and oxidation, together with loss or damage during restoration processes.
• Damage caused by mechanical or electrical faults.

Good to know:

• You can insure art objects all over the world with us.
• Agree the insurance value in advance to avoid arguments about the value of individual art works if a claim is made.
• New acquisitions are generally insured automatically with a value of up to 10% of the overall value of your collection as long as you report the purchase to us within 60 days.

Do you want to transport and insure your art objects? Here too we can recommend suitable insurance solutions.