Concert crowd in front of stage lighting effects

The premises have been booked, the speaker is on his way – but suddenly your event can no longer be held. Who will pay the cost?

The organisation of major events such as international congresses costs a great deal of money. There are many reasons why an event may have to be cancelled. Our cancellation insurance covers the cost.

Just imagine: you are planning and organising an international event for hundreds or even thousands of visitors. You have invested a great deal of money in preparations. You have rented premises, booked speakers, ordered catering and spent a great deal of money on advertising.

Because of an epidemic your audience are not allowed to enter the country concerned and the event cannot be held. Or bomb threats cause the authorities to close the trade fair site and the congress cannot take place. Or else the artist calls off his performance in the sold-out stadium at short notice for health reasons. What happens then?

With our cancellation insurance you are safe if the worst comes to the worst.